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Maybe I don't want a title... :)

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on February 22, 2008 - 6:06pm

Just thought I'd give an update one A... Earlier this week I found out about a day of dance, which is going to be tomorrow. I texted A, but he said his Saturday nights are booked "through eternity, or more specifically, March." I wrote back asking if it helped if I said it was a day thing, and he replied, "Slightly, as far as I'm concerned. But not for Mama. Saturdays are way too busy. Even if I can get permission, I have an airsoft game." That sounded like he was at least interested and would try to get permission. Then I decided I should work Sat, so I explained that and asked if he thought it would work. He said, "Sadly, no" and put a sad face. Then he said, "in other news, Cafe Gutenberg is closing." A group of us went there back in October. I said, "sadness, where'd you hear that?" He said he'd read it and the paper, then suggested we go after church on Sunday night! I was so excited! I'd already talked to another friend about going this weekend sometime, so it might be the three of us. Plans are up in the air. She called the place today and the guy said they're not closing for another month and a half. I'm now trying to work out a good time for us all to go. We've established that Sats aren't good for A and according to what I read, they're closing at 4 on Sunday. All that's to say, A suggested we do something, two weekends in a row. Yayness!!

And I learned a really cool swing move I'm super excited about. I can't wait to show A. He'll be impressed ;)

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