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Can some one stop the ride please?

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on February 23, 2008 - 7:55am

Boy... nothing like a whirlwind couple of days of traveling. I suddenly have some new sympathies for our Josh! Way too many cities in way too many days, all just to see us... how does our boy do it and still sound (and look ;) ) so good all the time? Seriously amazing to me.

I had to cover for a boss of mine who double booked himself to be at two conferences at the same time. So never mind that I've been out of school less than a year and an official employee for 4 months, off to Washington DC with me! Oh... except my other projects aren't happy about me being away so I had to power trip it: work Monday, fly over on a red eye after, conference Tuesday and Wednesday, fly back Wednesday on another red eye, be at a meeting for another project Thursday morning. Oh... and did I mention I picked up my dad's cold just before I left? Sore throats and clogged sinuses make wonderful travel mates. I wanted to curl up in a blanket with a bowl of soup. Insead I had airplane food, milkshakes whre I could find them (which of course made my weigh in go FANTASTIC this week >:( ), and no fruits or veggies.

And more sympathy points for Josh: because my trip got so rushed, I didn't have much time to warn people I'd be gone. So I come home to a flood of emails both at work and at home from people wanting me to do something that day and getting very cranky that I wasn't responding. It feels like I have a million phone calls to return and friendships to patch up (one of my girl friends from High School was in the hospital while I was gone, nice of me to not go see her >:(). Except I don't have the benefit of red-carpet swag to help. (Hey Josh! You going to need all that or can you send some my way?)

On the upside, some of the emails waiting for me at work were along the lines of "Thank you for going and representing us! We've heard that you did a very impressive job and have already gotten some promising business enquiries as a result!" I didn't think I had done enough (I targeted and shook a few key hands but I didn't really speak up much) but evidently I did something good enough for it to cycle back to my manager! Ironically, it was the note from her saying congratulations that made me happiest yesterday. I got hired under amidst a flurry of business storms so the manager who actually hired me ended up going off somewhere else landing me with my current manager who didn't know me at all. I don't think my manager really saw the point to me at first so it's nice to think I'm re-establishing the need for myself.

Except the problem now is that other chunk of meeting invites: apparently, I've acquired a new level of notority and more people want me now. It really is a good thing, but again, when I REALLY want to use some of that vacation time I've been acruing and haven't touched yet, I find myself too busy.

*sigh* Can some one stop the ride please? I'd like to get off...

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