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A rainy and lazy day

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on February 24, 2008 - 12:24pm

I looked out my window this morning and to my surprise, more rain. I won't complain as I know California need this rain so much. It gets tiring to look at dried up grass and dead trees here. The rain makes everything so green and alive again. Besides, there's something quite attractive about seeing the reflection of the cars shine of the wet pavement and the sound the rain makes as it hits the windows.It makes me want to go out and take a drive in it , but good lord knows I can't afford the gas to go anywhere. So will just watch from home...How exciting right? OK, OK... I suppose I should be more positive about this. Yeah, money is tight. But I have a roof over my head. For that, I am thankful for. I guess I could get my hoody on and take a brisk walk through it. I would, but frankly the neighbor hood scares me a bit. I really hate running into Caudia, the woman who every other word from her mouth is the "f " word....

The rain today has given me some time to catch up on my sister in laws blogs. I have to say I admire her skills as a writer and a photographer. I can't even begin to imagine what it is like to live in a place like Italy. She has moved from New Zealand to the states and now to Italy.I know its difficult to learn a new language, and to be away from familiar settings like what we have here in the states and that she has gotten to know, but what an adventure it is to be some place new and to do so with her family. The idea of learning a new language, a new culture and visiting historical sights are just so incredible to me. I would love to experience that and have my kids experience that. There is so much to this planet that I'd love to see. She has been so fortunate to have seen some and have done such a beautiful job in capturing her adventures on film. I'd do that too, but frankly there are only so many cow pictures that I could stand putting up. LOLOL. Besides, my adventures here in cow town usa are limited and so is my knowledge on using a digital camera. I also am amazed at her ability to maintain her beautiful blog and take care of my brother. God knows that's a task all its own. If ya only knew my brother.......Hey, whats a sister for if she can't pick on her brother?

I know it must be a pain for her to have to deal with the government when its comes to getting ones visa, but I just see it as a way to expand her adventures. She currently is in the states right now getting ready to head back home after what seems like endless paper work from the government. But during her stay, she took some lovely pictures of clear lake in Napa Valley. Awesome job Gail! Her pictures are so beautiful and to see the images from her point of view just is so captivating. Kind of inspiring .........I am a little sad I didn't get a visit from her while she was here, but I am sure there will be many other ones down the road. Til then, its nice to have places like these blogs to keep up with the lives of our loved ones. Being far away from people you care about sucks all to hell, but being able to communicate in this form has been a blessing to me. I would feel so lost with out being able to express myself in this way. Maybe someday will actually get good at it.

Anway all, I am going to go have some warm delicious tea as I lay under the warm covers of my bed. The rain has made me feel totally lazy today. Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday and may you all find your adventures in life.

You are LOVED!!!!!! Don't Give up........


The 5 things I am THANKFUL today

I got to sleep in

the soothing effects of the rain

I have time to think

The freedom to express myself

The Love of My Best friend........

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