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ObiWanCannoli's picture
on February 24, 2008 - 8:50pm

heh heh ... thought that would get you! Well my 21 year old daughter and I were chatting tonight as she was cleaning her "room" which happens to be the dining room in my townhouse -- what can I say? She needed a place to stay after her husband decided to get himself a girlfriend which is how Miss Emma came to stay with me. Anyway ... she was folding her clothes and picking up the dirty ones ... I was making dinner -- I made bacon, hash browns, eggs, ham, and pancakes for dinner!! -- and she picks up her pants and mentions to me the "stains" that were inside them in the ummm "groin" area and I said "don't you wear underwear???" She said no. I grimaced and said that was the very reason to WEAR underwear ... you know what her response was? Can you even imagine it? She says -- are you sitting down??? She says "but then the underwear would get stains on them!" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! My response: "That's why you wash them dear." OMFG she's 21 -- she's TWENTY ONE!!!!! She doesn't wear underwear ... isn't that the most nauseating thing you've ever heard? You know my daughter calls herself a hippie and after tonight, I tend to believe her ... YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!