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Monday, monday, monday!!!

vijaykumar's picture
on February 25, 2008 - 11:31am

Wow it's sure a slow monday! not that i mind! i've started packing for the big move! it's sure amazing how much junk you collect and you never really notice until you have to move it!!! the countdown is down to 8 days! i know that the last thing to be packed will be my Josh CD's (i need something calming to listen too!) We are getting a bunch of men at our church to help us move (it's just me and my sister! athough she says i'm just as strong as a man, she's not and we need the help!) Excitment is building as it's sooooo close to the day now! it'll really be nice because we have the internet hooked up at the new house and i can come in here whenever (not that i'm home much!!) instead of doing this at work! when i'm supposed to be working! The daycare is unusally slow today only 8 dogs, it seems pretty easy and they are all content! i'm going to fish out a book and start reading i think while they are all napping!! i'm still hoping to get my other sister out to our place so that she can take pictures with her digital camera so that i can post some on here!! ahhhh i can't wait!! Well i hope that everyone has a great day, filled with wonderful thoughts and wonderful family and friends!!

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