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Cabin Fever...

wigirl's picture
on February 25, 2008 - 9:53pm

Last weekend was beautiful outside... Sunny and a whole whopping 34 degrees the whole weekend...

By the time Saturday rolled around, a friend and I had a really bad case of cabin fever - Sure it was sunny outside, but still cold. So in a moment of pure insanity (this is what happens when cooped up inside too long) we decided to be funny. We set up two lawn chairs, a small table (for our drinks), and a beach umbrella outside in the snow and placed a beach ball by one of the chairs for an added touch. We then sat down with our sunglasses on sipping our drinks pretending to bask in the nice, sunny warm weather we were having that day (in our winter jackets).

Sure we looked absolutely crazy, but it was harmless fun. A few cars even honked their horns as they drove by. My friend's neighbor even came outside to take a picture of us.

I think we jinxed the weather though. Milwaukee is predicted to get hit with another 5-8" of the white fluffy stuff overnight (UGH!)

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