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Another Day...

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on February 26, 2008 - 10:11am

Not much new here, I took my kitties Lucy and Cleo to a vet for their shots. Lucy, my new one, seems to get nervous in the car (or is it car sickness?) and she drools all over her beautiful long, multi-colored furry coat! They were both ok anyway and ended up being good cats at the vet!

I was super-surprised that Cleo actually didn't poop in the car like she's done on so many occasions on the way to the vet and other trips. I would much prefer dealing with the kitty drools then a messy cat carrier anyday...

I've been kind of down again when it comes to finding a job, the weather, my weight, and so on.. however I feel better today then I did the past two days. I just wish this beast (depression) would go away!

It's also hard when you found out about friends who have gotten married and they're getting a house or doing this, that and the other - I mean I'm happy for them but I feel like I'm a mess and haven't done any of that and I feel like a loser..I am just so lost in my life right now. I thought I knew who I wanted to marry, what career path I wanted to take, etc. but found that wasn't for me. So back to square one.

Luckily there is this place on Second Life ( called Support For Healing ( that has support groups and I've met a lot of nice people there that has helped me. I really think regardless of the therapy and drs, if not for Support For Healing I would have been in worse shape!

But my cats, music, and other simple pleasures and keeping me going day to day.

Have you ever tried Thai food? If you haven't, why not try something new? I love Thai food (there was an excellent place where I lived in New England) and luckily they just added this wonderful Thai restaurant near where I live in upstate NY that tastes a lot like the one I liked in NH and VT. Oo it so good! I love the tofu dishes..
Thai isn't all spicy (though it can be) and some of the dishes are a bit like Chinese food. They also have a lot of curry dishes if you're into that sort of thing. The restaurants also tend to serve awesome desserts- like fried ice cream or banana or coconut ice cream.

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