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Happy Birthday, Josh and Chris!

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on February 27, 2008 - 2:26pm

So today in all Grobaniteness possible I wore my Awake tour shirt to school, and a necklace that I made that says GROBANITE on it, and told everyone that would listen that it was Josh's birthday, and also his brother's birthday.

I'm so cool.

For Josh (not that he'll read it, but just in case.):

Happy birthday! I love you so much. I wanted to thank you for starting me on my journey towards Classical voice. My achievements this year are thanks, in large part, to you. It was because of you and your music that I knew that Classical voice is the direction I wanted to go. I knew that my strength was my voice, but you were the one who actually helped me find my way. You have inspired me more than anyone and anything else in the world.
Getting my part in Fiddler brings great opportunities to me this year. I dedicate my performances, all of them, to you. I know that's rediculously corny, but again I feel that I owe everything to you. Including getting in to Shenandoah. I wish that I could talk to you in person. There's so much emotion in how I feel towards you and your music that I can't put down on the internet, or in a letter, or in any other way but to tell you in person.
Once again, happy birthday, to you and Chris. I hope you had an amazing day and that the next year treats you just as well as 2007 did.

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