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on February 29, 2008 - 7:08pm

Speaking of cats....

I have a minor cat problem.

For the last week I've been getting whiffs of cat pee in my house. This whole time I've thought Levi has been missing the litter box.'s a good visual for you....

I've been down on my hands and knees like a hound dog, crawling through the house trying to figure out where the heck this cat pee smell is coming from.

Today it was very strong. But it's not coming from the carpet or anything!!

I walked in the door from work and said "WHOA!!"

Robert said..."I figured out what's happening. Murphy has pulled the vent from the side of the house and crawled in there. He's peeing under there!"

Murphy is our outside cat that has the extra thumbs. He's a Hemingway cat.

I crack up at the thought of Murphy hooking a claw in the vent and pulling it off the house. HAHAHAHAHA

Robert said "Not only is he taking the vent off the side of OUR house...he's done it to the neighbor's house too.!"

OMG....the neighbors!!! The ones that have the 5 dogs and the growing hedge between them and us!!! AHHHHHH.

That is ALL we need is to have them on our backs for Murphy being under their house too!!

So, tonight after the sun went down, Robert snuck over there and put the vent back on their house.

The neighbors have FINALLY come around and are nice to us again. I'm still very guarded with them, but I definately don't want a problem now that they are being nice to us.

Later tonight it dawned on me the reason why Murphy is under the house peeing.

Do you think it's because he knows there is a new kitty INSIDE OUR HOUSE???

We've lived here for 2 years and not one time has Murphy done this!!

I think he's marking his territory!!

I "googled" solutions to the cat pee problem.

Here was one solution..

"Throw a bunch of dog shit under the house and it will mask the smell."


Maybe my neighbors will loan me some from their 5 dogs that live inside the house with them.

Robert said "One things for sure....if Murphy does pee under their house....they aren't ever going to notice it with all the dogs in their house!!!"

What a mess. I love Murphy, but.....what do you do?

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