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can't think of a good title

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on March 1, 2008 - 12:21pm

Been a whole week since my last entry?! Time flies. We never made it to Cafe Gutenberg, but fortunately they're not closing after all. A's mom made A's grandmother lunch instead.

I saw him at church, and then we a couple of us went out to eat afterwards. He's been texting me all week, sometimes multiple times. He texted me yesterday while working to tell me he was working but he'd text me later!

We actually had a text conversation early this week about our age difference and the fact that we're just friends. My ex, who he knows, had asked me if A and I are "an item." I wondered how A would respond, so I told him. First he claimed to not know what "an item" means. I defined it as being together romantically. He said, "I'm 18. You're... 24? Though not unheard of, that would be a little odd. No."

That conversation was Tuesday evening to Wednesday afternoon. We've texted every day this week since. Wednesday we talked online as well. I was talking to another friend and didn't even notice him on, when he suddenly imed me. That night he was supposed to be doing his homework and he had to call another friend, yet we talked from about 8-11. He told me he's going to drag me to his next airsoft game.

Thursday night he imed me about a friend he's worried about, asking me to pray for her. We've been texting about that the last few days. Last night I had a migraine so at 7 I asked him to pray for me. Twice after that he asked how I was doing.

After what he'd said in the "just friends" conversation, I was determined to think of him as such. It's difficult when he's constantly in touch. I actually miss him now when I don't hear from him for a few hours. And he doesn't always wait until I text back before he sends another text. One yesterday was just to wish me a happy leap day.

I feel like he can say all day that we're just friends, but as long as he seems anxious to stay in touch, I'm having trouble believing that that's all he's feeling. Given that he's only recently opened up to his emotional side, I wonder if he simply doesn't understand what he's feeling.

I have lots to do so I'd better get going! Going to play Josh, do some laundry and clean.

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