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return to the scene of the crime

lindyjean's picture
on March 1, 2008 - 8:36pm

i had to drive over to fresno yesterday with my daughter, some business with her education. i lived there for one school year, way back when, and hated it there, for a lot of reasons. be that as it may, that's where we went to see josh in april, where we got BSPs and got to meet him. i had read a few posts in the forum last week when someone was reflecting on it being a year since they'd seen josh at verona, at the kick-off of the Awake tour, and i thought, how starved are we for josh stuff that we have to start dredging up past concerts??? it's pathetic. but then, sitting at a red light, the huge Save Mart center ahead of me, i started thinking back to that night---the nerves, the joy, and the ultimate meeting with josh before the show. it was pretty awesome, but, i'm still kicking myself for freezing up. i didn't make the most of my chance to dazzle josh, for those precious couple of minutes. i felt like a bystander. it just goes to show you that what so many say is true.....once you look into those big brown eyes, you go blank. it sucked. but, that doesn't negate in any way, shape or form how incredible it was to see him thiscloseup, put my arm around him for a photo, and to get to tell him how much i love his music. he was very gracious (but of course, you already know that). i need another chance to make him laugh, though. i will make the best of it...
so, i got to relive the best memory i have of fresno, there sitting at that red light, and hope i get to see josh there again someday. because of that night, i can't help but have fond memories of the town, in spite of the nasty year i lived there....

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