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Chris Rock

vijaykumar's picture
on March 2, 2008 - 5:35am

No poem today ladies, I'm working on a LOOONG essay...however, here is a really funny Chris Rock quote about marriage. Now, I don't post it because I don't like marriage...I'm excited for it...but, it's just funny. [all profanities have been removed]

"Marriage is tough, man. Marriage is real tough, man. Marriage is so tough. Nelson Mandela got a divorce. Nelson MANDELA got a divorce. Nelson Mandela spent TWENTY SEVEN years in a South African prison, got beaten and tortured every day for twenty seven years, and did it with no problem. Made to do hard labor in hundred degrees South African heat for twenty seven years and did it with no problem. He got outta jail after twenty seven years of torture, spent 6 months with his wife and said I can't take this no more!"
- Chris Rock

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