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Smorgasborg (SP)

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on March 2, 2008 - 9:39pm

Today was a lazy day. Missy and I went through her history class and did some work. History was never my strong suit that's for sure. One of the things her teacher wanted the class to do was analyze The book and movie The Wizard of OZ. She wants the students to tell her what political meanings are hidden within the book and movie. I don't know about this, history isn't what it used to be.

Missy and I went to visit my father today for a little bit and it turned out to be 5 hours. OK, I'm pooped. We heard the same stories at least 8 times. Ithink that wears a person out in itself. He was cute though the way he would tell the stories. He spoke of a girl that was in his music class. He was always amazed at how attentive she was to the teacher. He told us that at his last class reunion she was there. They spoke of the music class and come to find out that she had how should I put it? Uh oh yeah romantic desires on him. Well, come to find out the girl and the teacher ended up getting married shortly after they graduated from high school. Dad laughed so hard. It was nice to see and hear him laugh.

I came home fixed dinner, watched a little tv with Dave, drugged JR and now here I am. I'm going to hit the hay early. I have felt like I'm trying to come down with something and I can't do that till after Friday.

Josh is still lecturing me and I'm enjoying it. I think I'll go to bed and listen to him so more. LOL

Have a Joshin good night!


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