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It's been Rough!

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on March 2, 2008 - 9:59pm

I haven't posted anything for a long time!! I had a party on the 27th of February and we (Nessa7,Chris, Josh and myself) had the time of our lives!!! Although, i got their late and piggy Josh has eaten all the Chocolate cake!! (I still think that Nessa7 should have stolen a piece for me)
We got our Charter Membership to Toastmasters! I have noticed a little more self confidence in myself, I can talk to people and not make a fool out of myself by turning every shade of red!
My son is also doing well, we got sick for a long time, we are getting better. I noticed that he is talking more, he did not used to do that, he plays tricks on us and even gets some jokes!! (For the bros and sis that don't know my son, he is Autistic) I will have my next IEP meeting on March 13th and they will get an earful!!
He has been getting picked on again, this time bitting, he had bites on his back and arm on several occasions, they say that they will put more supervision, but, he got hit in the head. But, what really just broke my heart was when we were reading, "Lucy's awful Day" (It's about a girl that feels awful because she had to go to a new school and she had to make friends) As we were reading i asked him questions to see if he understands what he is reading, he told me, "she is said to go to new school, i go to old school and I still feel awful." I had to go to the bedroom so he wouldn't notice my tears, i was just heartbroken!! He doesn't say much, but, when he does he just blows your mind!
The other day, i was in bed and he asked if i was sad (i was dead tired from all the coughing)i said, "i am sick beatiful, but,you make me feel better." He smiled and left. He came back carrying a little boombox and my Josh CD's and said, "i make you better, here" and he gave me the cd's.
I meant that he himself made me better, but, he thought i asked him to make me feel better! He did both.
I will be going to Micheal Buble's concert in Santa Barbara in May, i am so excited, he has a great voice for jazz, still Josh is closer to the kind music i listen to, but since he isn't here (This is all your fault Josh, i had to run to another mans arms.....i mean CONCERTS...yeah ...that's what i meant!)
I hope you guys have a great week!
By the by, i submitted a question for the Larry King Live Show on Monday, i hope they ask Josh. I wanted to know what was the first thing that came to his mind when he heard about the "Raise 27" project, if you guys see it can you let me know? Thanks.

Love you all,
Bye for now.

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