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What'd you do this weekend?

GrobAngel's picture
on March 3, 2008 - 5:28am

Got my exercise, that's for sure.
I spent Saturday in NYC - there was a parade blocking off my street and I wanted to stay out of the traffic. Not to mention I wanted to go shopping. I wanted a new spring hat but wound up with shoes, jewelry, lingerie, and a picture of myself with a giant skunk (proving once again that you never know what's around the bend when shopping at Marc Jacobs). I probably walked a few miles, and carrying those bags was like walking with weights.
Then yesterday, my mom gave me some new workout clothes to help me with my wedding workout. I broke them in by doing the 75-minute cardio striptease DVD. The 30-minute DVD in the collection has gotten too easy, and I think I've learned that dance well enough to set it to my own music - "All'Improviso Amore." But I digress.
Anyway, the 75-minute DVD is longer, more challenging, and used to leave me SORE to the point where it hurt to turn over in bed. But that wasn't the case last night. In fact - knock on wood - I barely feel it at all this morning. I do feel strong and good, but still don't like Mondays.

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