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Thanks Friends

Veronica1776's picture
on March 3, 2008 - 10:41pm

Thanks Nessa7 and FlippedOverJosh for your kind thoughts.
My son is 7 yrs old and he is in public school, but, i see that he makes more progress when he gets his therapies away from his homeschool.
Don't worry Nessa7 I will through anything i have around at the time if they don't listen.(I should keep all my Josh CD's at home that day.....I take them to hear at work...lots of people hate me because of it....i just laugh!)
Larry King did not ask my question *frowny face* but, i feel a little silly now that i saw the show, it was all political stuff and i asked about Raise 27. I laughed when i thought about it.
I wonder when Josh will leave the country? I say country because i am not sure he is in the state of California, *smack upside the head* He was just in the Larry King "live" show, he is in California!! DUH!
I am such a goofball!
Tomorrow i start my collection calls at work, i am sooo looking forward to that! I will take my *whispers* "Fukit All" pill *blushes* and it will make it all better.
Hope you guys are all OK.
Nessa one more question, Does the college you go to have courses on becoming a Travel Agent? I hope so, that way if i get my license all the grobie sisters and brothers will fly everywhere to see a our man Josh!!

Love you all,
Bye for now,

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