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on March 4, 2008 - 1:12am

i got to see josh on larry king tonight, for what that was worth. he wasn't given much time. i commented on one of those threads that while they were talking to mr king, something "crawled" across the bottom of the screen, announcing that drew barrymore had donated $1million of her own money to a specific charity, and i thought, well, that's nice, good for her. Now, josh did the same thing, and yet, he chose to keep it quiet, telling us in his most recent post. if it was announced anywhere else, no one here mentioned it, and i havent' seen it anywhere. i thought, what an extraordinary young man. he isn't concerned with building on his rep with anyone, he's just going about doing what he believes in, quietly, and without fanfare. i said that i love it when he falls off the pedestal so many of us have put him on, by doing shows like jimmy kimmel, and using the F word on occasion. And then, just when i'm feeling he's letting us see the human side of him, he goes and does these wonderful things that just hoist him right back up on that pedestal. i just think his parents must be so achingly proud of him for so many reasons. i want to scream at people about josh's contributions to the world, but they tune me out about him anymore!!! can't blame them, but, they need to know that there's more than a pretty face and a gorgeous voice.
oh well......

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