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Most detailed dream ever

GrobAngel's picture
on March 4, 2008 - 5:36am

I'm at an outdoor concert/charity benefit, and Josh is performing. He's wearing a black polo shirt and jeans. He sings one song in a foreign language (I don't remember what), then "You Raise Me Up." I'm taking pictures with my new pink digital camera. Then he announces another song, saying it's from a movie starring Marilyn Manson and about a woman who hasn't been sleeping and doesn't know what's real. I'm standing right by the tent where he's singing this and try to take a picture, but can't. "New memory card?!" Josh shoves some programs (that look more like the Best Buy ads that come with the paper) towards me and my friend, then gets back on his stool and starts the song.
Later I'm back at my office. The guy next to me is reading a newspaper, and no one else is doing much. I get up and walk to the office kitchen. When I get there, some big burly men are walking by with giant poles, and I stand out of the way. Josh is behind them, wearing light gray now. I lean towards him, and he stiffens a little. But then we're in each other's arms somehow. I kiss the hair by his neck softly - I don't think I touch skin. He kisses my neck around the same spot. We hold onto each other like new lovers. We sit down at the table in my office's kitchen, and somehow he's back in his concert outfit. I plan to tell him that I love listening to the first two songs he did at the concert and look forward to getting the third, but he's turned into my coworker Ryan.

That took up more space in my print journal than any one dream ever has. I don't think I was lucid dreaming, but I felt more involved, more aware than I usually do in a dream.

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