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VIP in Calgary

laurel's picture
on March 4, 2008 - 12:57pm

I was fortunate enough to purchase VIP tickets for Josh in Calgary and it added to a remarkable experience.We were ushered into a private lounge and fed a luncheon,able to view private concerts on a big screen TV,given gift bags,had access to a private merchandise table,meet his tour promoter and body guard and a draw was made for two people to be part of a meet and greet [which i didn't win].That was probably a good plan as I would have been a blithering idiot. I did however, win a life size hand signed poster of Josh in New York and only 30 exist. The most fantastic thing was that for three glorious hours I sat so close that I could see the color of his eyes. WHAT A AMAZING VOICE AND HOW LUCKY I WAS TO EXPERIENCE JOSH LIVE AND SO CLOSE.

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