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*gasp* my legs are hairy.

Nessa7's picture
on March 6, 2008 - 2:14pm

i really gotta shave!

yesterday, my 2 josh label pins came. i bought them with other stuff from GFC store, and i finally have everything i ordered.

today, i'm suppose to go to my aerobics class, but if my niece is still ill then i won't be able too. my SIL takes me, since she also takes the class, hopefully Leilannie is feeling better.
my poor grobanite in training.

also, on saturday, it's cousin veronica's birthday party. she's turning 18 and we're getting a jumper. i'm going to "wrestle" her and cousin ana. wish me luck, cousin ana is very athelitic and ummmm...i'm scared.
pray for me that i don't come back broken.

oh snap!! i still have to buy cousin veronica's birthday present. ok, that i'll have to do tomorrow with my other shopping.

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