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I'm better....

MJKC9397's picture
on March 6, 2008 - 9:54pm

Okay. I don't know what it is about it, but just putting my thoughts out on the journal must've helped. I've felt much better today. I do appreciate the comments I received!

My "middle" daughter turned 6 today. We just had a cozy little family party. She's so cute when she opens her gifts! She's so grateful for every single present. No matter what it is she gets the sweetest smile on her face, jumps up, and squeezes the giver's neck. THOSE are the moments I LIVE for!!!! Honestly, I have to brag on all 3 of my girls for being grateful when someone gives them something. I cannot say I loved everything I ever got for my birthday as a child. However, I am thankful that I have lived long enough to appreciate the nightgowns and "cutesy" socks my aunt gave me seemingly every year and the odd-ball, off-the-wall gifts my parents gave me. Those were the ones I ended up treasuring the most later on! And I would LOVE it if someone gave me a new nightgown every year, now! LOL

Hubby needs the computer and my time's up! hahaha Goodnight!

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