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a shame about south africa

lindyjean's picture
on March 9, 2008 - 1:03am

it's very sad about the whole south africa fiasco. i know josh's team would not postpone without good reason, and i'm sure they tried to tweak it as much as possible to avoid postponing. It's a foreign country, and things don't always work as well as we think they should in other places. the snafu with ticket sales was an omen, apparently. i feel so bad for the fans there, because they wait, just as we do, for josh to perform, and i feel horrible for the gals from the US who have made all of their travel plans and probably can't cancel at this late date. they will still have a phenomenal trip, but their joy has to be somewhat dashed with this development. and i feel really bad for josh, the band, management, and his family, because i know the decision was agonizing for all of them. you do what you can, though, and i'm confident that was the case here.
we turn the clocks forward tonight, so i guess i should get to bed, cuz it's after one, so it's like it's after two, and that's late enough. by the time i get all the clocks in the house reset, it'll be 1:15, so, goodnight.

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