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Spring Break

Luci201227's picture
on March 9, 2008 - 1:53pm

So spring break starts on friday and im going to see my family in Indiana.
Now the whole story behind my family is very interesting. So my family is all over the country/world and i pretty much have no family in NY. My mom is from Indiana and my dad is from the dominican republic and I dont know how we ended up here but we did. So my mom and i go to see her family while my brother and dad go see his family and play baseball with major leaguers. This year (2008) has been the most difficult year so far and its only march. And it all starts a couple months ago, a few weeks after the new year. I had swim practice and my aunt had called saying that my cousin had had the baby but something was wrong and the baby had to be taken to the intensive care unit. She sounded worried but not about that and I had asked her what was wrong. And she said that she would call the next day. So the next day was a tuesday and i still didnt have school yet. So she called and said that she has something to tell me. She told me that my uncle was in the hospital and didnt look like he was going to make it the rest of the week. AAAAnd my grandmother, cousin and my cousins baby were also in different hospitals. So here I was with my mom wonder what to do. We went to school the next day and I couldnt make it through first period without crying. When I got to the next period my teacher asked me if my mom had spoken to me yet (keep in mind that my mom does work at my school) and my heart dropped. I began to breath really fast and I almost passed out. My best friend grabbed my arm and told me to sit down and I started cry. I bolted out of the room to find my mom and when I found her she told me to talk to my teachers because we were leaving in half an hour!!! I asked her if my brother was coming and she told me that it was just gonna be her and I. So at like 12:30 in the afternoon she and I were on the road with two bags of clothes that we threw together in 10 min and we started playing my iPod that has every Josh song (expect mia per siempre cuz i cant find it). And it took us 12 and a half hours to get there and we were so tired. We listened to Josh the whole time and there were certain songs like to where you are and my heart was home again that made us cry like babies and we sang along with every single song.
When we got there we slept for a couple hours then we were up and running again. I have this cousin who is four right now and I can not say how much i love that girl. She even knows the words to a lot of josh songs. I went to pick her up from school since I could drive and she didnt know i was there yet. She almost started crying when she saw me and you know i was crying. We stayed for about a week and my cousin asked me when I was coming back to see her and i said about six weeks. The day before we left we went to say goodbye to my uncle and i knew it would be the last time i would see him alive. I told him i loved him and he said I always have and always will. Two days after we came back, I got a text message at 6 in the morning from my other cousin (my age)saying that he had passed away. I was going to morning practice and I dont think i have ever swam faster. His face was stuck in my mind.
Its been a little over a month since he passed away and I still cant get his face out of my mind from the last time i saw him alive. Im glad im getting to see my family again and you know that josh will be playing the whole way there:)

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