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UH OH ...

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on March 10, 2008 - 3:59am

dinner tonight with the outlaws ... okay I can't complain -- they live in Canadia (and yes I know I spelled it wrong) and so I don't see them often, maybe MAYBE once a year if that -- so I should shut my pie hole and deal with it but I'm still a little frazzled. You see my mother-in-law (heretoin referred to as MIL) is about the same age as I am. Yeah you heard me right ... *sigh* my hubby is Josh's age -- actually right now Josh is 27 and hubby is still 26 until November. So our relationship (mine and MIL's) was a little strained at the start as you can imagine. LOL Well everyone but NANCY can imagine - Nancy knows first hand! HI NANCE!!! Soooooo I have to have dinner with MIL and her hubby and my BIL who is I think 16 now! Smart kid he is -- he goes to a high school in Canada that teaches in all French. On top of that I'm just getting over a bad week of migraines; they started a week ago yesterday and didn't stop until I slept 10 hours Saturday night into Sunday -- hey wait a minute! It was really only 9 hours since we shoved the clock hands ahead one hour!!! OMG do I feel CHEATED!!!! I thought I slept 10 hours and was feeling pretty good about that until just now. WTF?? Oh whoa I think I feel that headache coming back ... *throb throb* (and not the fun kind either doggone it!) Well I'm going to fight anymore of them because not only do I abhor them but the medicine for it is almost worse than the infliction itself. Well ladies and B1 -- I have to get my BFA on the treadmill. Just because I feel like doo-doo doesn't mean the exercise can stop -- *bursts out in laughter* Okay I've been AWFUL about getting on the treadmill and basically it's because of a few reasons; 1. my hip has been hurting like a mofo - I've got bursitis and while Dr. Bryan gave me a Medrol dose pak I lost the original prescription and had to have her give me a new one and once she did that then I was at a loss as to when I could get to the pharmacy to get it filled because I was at work so late into the night. Don't say it, I already know - excuses, excuses! Well she finally just CALLED IN the damned thing and I picked it up Friday! Hip seems a LITTLE better ... we'll see by the end of the week. 2. I've been feeling the time crunch for a bit - if I don't get on the treadmill by 7 (and even now it's 6:58) then I make myself late for work and late to drive baby boy to school, etc. etc. And last but not least 3. Emma sleeps in my room and so I hate to wake her up but dang it I am just going to have to because I HAVE to get my BFA on that damned machine, right? Come on people a little encouragement here!!!!!!

Okay I'm off like an airplane ...

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