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What is going through my mind....

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on March 10, 2008 - 2:34pm

Our production of Fiddler on the Roof opens in a month!!!!!!!! I'm going crazy trying to remember NOT to go crazy.

This is my first lead. Playing Golde has been freaking amazing. We started our sing-through with the orchestra today and it went really well besides taking almost TWO HOURS to get through "Tradition" because we're pretty dumb. Well, not all of us. ...

I got complimented on my voice today by people who I know for a fact REALLY don't like me. I've been getting little comments about how people like my voice, and I can't even begin to tell me how amazing that feels. It certainly confirms to me that going to school for voice next year was a good idea and not a waste of thousands of dollars.

I'm beginning to get nervous and excited about opening. I think that the excitement outweighs the nerves but I'm just worried that I'll mess up somehow and feel REALLY stupid. I don't think I will ACTUALLY do that, but it's definately a fear of mine as of right now...

Ah, the wonders of theater.

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