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Just Bored

vijaykumar's picture
on March 11, 2008 - 8:53am

This whole time change thing has gotten me all out of wack. I'm soooooooooo board and at school, gotta go to my next class!- Will finish later!!!

~A day later!-(Beter late then never)
I must say, if you have ever had to file a fafsa for college, it is a huge pain in the but!*@#!
on a side note, last night my i had to do my oral interpretation speech for a two random groups of people at barnes & noble, for my speech class. It was so akward. The one group was these three college guys (who were very good looking, i might add!). But they were very attentive, as was this old balding guy, and a younger girl.
A very wierd, but liberating experience nonetheless!
Followed by yet another weekend of babysiting!- Not that i'm complaining, because i'm off for spring break starting tomorow.
~Another delemia is a topic for my informative speech. I can do it on what ever i want, so if you have any suggestions, i would love to hear them.
ta ta for now!

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