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We made progress!!!

Veronica1776's picture
on March 13, 2008 - 10:06pm

Hello Grobies!!!
We had an IEP meeting today and we finally got what we were looking for!!
My son is going to a school specialized in Austism and it's in our City!!! He will have transportation to and from school, he will have his one on one sessions!!!
I almost cried when they gave us that choice. I was hearing all three of the therapist and they all said that he needed one on one!! I told the principal that we all agree that he does need one on one and she gave me 3 option, him going to Bryson Elemetary was the Best!!
I am so happy for him, I am going to make arragements to visit the campus so he can ge familiar with it and not be shocked in the transition.
In other news, I MISS JOSH!!!
Where are you???
You are making me run into the arms of Buble!!! (You know you are the only one, baby!!!LOL)
I will wait patiently.
Nessa7 I think i can have someone drop me off at the address you gave me, but, can i get a ride back?? Only to Long Beach, i don't want to make you go out of your way, i would really appreciate it. If not, that's ok, i will make other arrangements.
I am offficially the Groban girl at work, even my boss says that he is scared of bothering me when i am listening to Josh!! (He better be!! LOL)
Well gotta go, i have to work tomorrow! (on my flex day!!)
Bye for now,

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