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For flipped over Josh 02

laurel's picture
on March 14, 2008 - 2:07pm

I pray for you when you see Josh live that you have the same fortune that I did on seating. We were in the very middle of the stage in the 4th row of seats.We never stayed there though as we just walked to the front of the stage and stood for most of his performance.As I stated earlier I could see the color of his eyes thus I feel the nod was that he could see me through out the entire performance and said thanks.I know he heard me cheering and probably saw me cry at the end.I'm a felt awkward though as I'm the type that sits back and never steps up to be noticed. My mother was totally shocked that I stood up front and was pleased I got a nod as it was first time I have ever done anything like that.Glad I was brave this time.
I need to tell about a young girl that crossed the line with him though and it was awful for Josh. Toward the end of his show he sat on the end of the stage and she stood up and run her hands on the inside of this thighs.I felt so bad for Josh as his face went red and his body guards step up and said something to her.My mother was sure upset about it as were the rest of the people around her.What do you do with stupid people? My dad always said you can't cure stupidity.

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