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What a lazy day!!!

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on March 15, 2008 - 6:11pm

...a lazy rainy day to be exact!

Robert and I ran around in the rain. Went to Kohl's shopping because they had a killer sale going on. Then we ate at our favorite restaurant...Cracker Barrel.

Mama's french toast for me and beans and greens for Robert. Heavenly!! And do you know they do takeout??

If we were just right around the corner...I would never cook again!

We were like a couple of old geezers riding around. We had my mom's huge car because they are out of town. Robert pulled up to Walgreen's while I ran in to get a few things. He sat in the car and waited on me....just like old people. (No offense to the old people who may read.)

The kids were at home the whole time because Reagan is 12 and wanted to babysit Riley. Very nice for us!

I learned how to make a Josh video today on my computer. Reagan showed me how to do it and it addicting!! I made one video that I'm trying to upload right now to youtube. I know I won't be doing many of those because it's way too much fun and I'd never get anything ELSE done around here!!

I'll post the link when I get it uploaded.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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