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I'm so.........

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on March 16, 2008 - 2:13pm

frustrated, depressed, angry, aggravated, irritated, and feeling hopeless.

Yep...that about sums it up at the moment.

My 12 year old daughter is driving me crazy. I feel like a bad person for sharing it here, but I know I'm among friends.

Maybe you can relate.

Reagan is a very strong willed free spirited child. She can have a great personality and is very smart. She just doesn't mind. She is not the type of child that you tell to do something once or twice and she does it. You have to tell her everytime like it's the first time.

Her room. It's a disaster zone. It doesn't matter how many times I tell her or how upset I get.....she lets it get ungodly nasty.

Her school work. She just doesn't turn in assignments.

Every single thing I deal with her on is like fighting a war.

Now she has copped this punkish attitude along with everything else.

She got an in school suspension for alledgedly "stabbing" another student with a plastic fork.
She claims they were joking around.

I'm going "WHO IS THIS CHILD?"

Now she won't be able to go on the 6th grade field trip to Atlanta.

Her grades have caused us to be forced to cancel a trip to the beach this summer with her youth group.

I'm heart broken over that.

She's too old to spank.

What do you do??

I feel like a loser as a parent. has a 9:00 bedtime until the end of the school year. If her grades get better and she minds about her room, then she won't keep that bedtime throughout the summer. Otherwise, she'll be going to bed with the chickens.

Today we got in from church and I took 3 large garbage bags and started cleaning out her room. I know you think SHE should be the one doing it....but.....I was cleaning out not only trash, but her STUFF!!
She NOW has just a bed, a dresser and a vanity in there. No stuffed toys, or extras laying around.

I was in there slinging stuff and I felt like "Mommie Dearest".
Do any of you remember that movie? Where she gets angry because the child is using wire hangers and she just goes crazy!!

As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to call my doctor this week and ask her to put me on something before I completely lose it with Reagan.

Reagan is so cunning. She knows Robert and I get preoccupied with work and chores around the house. That is when she does what she wants...banking on the fact that we are too busy to pay attention.

She has no respect, care or concern about the sacrifices we make for her.

We went to eat Friday night at Texas Road House and she complained because it wasn't her restaurant. Made it real enjoyable.

Well.....I've rambled on. I don't blame you if you've already moved on to someone elses journal. HA!

Think hard girls. Think long and hard before you have a child.

It's not just cute babies in diapers. They grow up and they grow up FAST. The baby months are only for a short time. Then they are teenagers for a VERY LONG TIME.

I don't regret having children. I regret my performance as a parent so far because I don't know where I went wrong with Reagan....and I don't have ideas on what to do to make anything any better except be the bad guy.

Riley is my saving grace.

Thanks for listening. Love you all.


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