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Sinners Like Me

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on March 16, 2008 - 8:46pm

Hi everyone (all three people who will read this, lol) :) I decided that I will just copy all my new myspace blog posts from now on ( and that way Grobies here can get to know me a little better too. Sorry if this first entry is kind of long, I haven't updated my myspace blog in awhile so I had a little bit to say. :)

So you’re thinking to yourself, where the heck has Melody been? (haha, right, I know)

Well I have been busy. Busy busy girl. I’ve been meaning to update for awhile but nothing seemed "important" enough to blather on about. It still isn’t, really...but I just got done watching X-men; it’s too early for bed; and I can’t believe I’m actually using semi-colons to punctuate my sentences like I just learned in my editing class. Oh dear.

I’ll get to the my "theme" (blog title) later but let’s just try to recap what my life has been like for the past two months.

Monday- school all day
Tuesday- work from 8-3, school from 4-7ish
Wed- same as Monday
Thurs- same as Tuesday
Friday- work from 8-noon, class then work from 2-5?
Saturday- do homework
Sunday- review for tests/quizzes

Not a whole bunch of time for Melody recently. So the last week I’ve had a bit more of that time and I’m like what the heck do I do with it? Yesterday I pretty much wasted the day (which I HATE doing) because you pretty much feel like you’ve accomplished nothing and that’s exactly what I did. So today I did a little bit better. I did some shipping for the ebay store (google smashlolo) and then I actually went to the mall (which is pathetically tiny, one thing I hate about small town USA) and I’m not driving to Salem unless there’s something I know for certain I’ll be buying. Anyway, I was looking for jeans but then I couldn’t remember if it was Sears or JC Penny I needed and I was at Sears but I saw their coats in the clearance section and I had been looking for a nice winter coat over the holidays (you know when it was snowing and all here in Oregon) but never found one that I liked that was a price I was willing to pay (I had trouble with the idea of paying $70 plus for a coat) so the good bargain shopper that I am found the exact coat I wanted (a nice charcoal gray) for a quarter the original tag price. Yes, I paid $39.99 for a coat originally ticketed at $160, that’s how I operate. Too bad I won’t get to use it til November but the point is, they’re not getting all my money.

I haven’t posted much about my new job (did I mention I had one? I can’t recall). Anyway, I’m the HR intern for a company called _____ _____ and so far I’ve pretty much enjoyed it. There hasn’t been anything that has been too difficult for me to handle, some of it is mundane as is with every job, but overall I think it is the perfect thing for me right now as far as getting the professional experience I need and giving me something credible to add to my resume. The mundane is getting the same "special" people calling me every day with questions like "When can you get me an interview"- answer, I don’t. That’s the hiring manager. I deal with you after you’ve been offered a position. Or "I’d like to be considered for this job and this job" and me saying "Yes, I have your application and it was copied out to the hiring managers for the positions you listed. If they want you, they’ll call you." Ugh. These people are desperate. And seriously, if you’re going to fill out an application, take the time to list an actual position and not just "anything available". At least show some kind of goal. Am I too tough? Whatever. I enjoy making the appointments for pre-employment testing, recording the results, etc. Contacting hiring managers about the details they want listed in a job opening, etc. HR has been good to me so far. Definitely things I can handle. My least favorite area would be dealing with reference checks just because I find it a more touchy subject when you’re asking someone how another person did at their former job. To me it’s just more personal and I’d rather not do it over the phone. So I usually try to fax a verification of employment form to the company first and if I can’t get a response back then I call. Yeah it’s the chicken way out but I’d rather do that first. It’s just not the same when you have someone over the phone telling you so and so was a bad employee blah blah. I get to run motor vehicle reports as a lot of our open positions involve needing a commercial license and to me it is laughable that some of these people even apply for a driving position when they have a traffic record that is as long as wazoo. Or those who don’t answer the have you been convicted of a felony question and instead say "I’d like the chance to explain in the interview" or "I was a different person back then! I’ve changed!" Well yeah, maybe you have. But to me, you have to be a bit willing to share something with us first. Like I said, I enjoy what I do and it definitely will look great on my resume. Oh, I just created the next edition of our company newsletter too. That was kind of fun. I was looking at some of the older ones to compare it to how mine turned out (I used Microsoft Publisher for the first time ever) and to me the other ones looked kind of dated and my manager was definitely happy with how I did mine so hopefully everyone will like it. It’s going out to about 800 people with another 200 copies being printed.

Alright so moving on. I use itunes for all of my music-uploading, syncing my ipod etc. And awhile ago I was okay with downloading thru the itunes store because of how much cheaper their prices can be sometimes but now I like buying the actual cd just so I can have the case and booklet and all instead of just burning it to a blank cd. It’s nice to have the actual copy but now I’ve run out of room for cds with the storage space that I have. I need to buy another cd/dvd stand and I could’ve at Target today but again, I just didn’t quite want it enough to part with the money for it even though I know I need it (I’m cheap like that, I can’t help it) so the next cd I buy, I’ll have to get it then because I really don’t have anymore space. In the past few weeks I have gotten a Craig Morgan and Terri Clark cd (in case I get to meet them at the Linn County Fair this summer...crossing my fingers) and then Dolly Parton’s new cd (which I love love love Jesus & the video I made on my profile), Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway (I had it Limewired on my itunes but I bought the actual cd, and then today I got Rodney Atkins (I’ve been meaning to get it forever but it’s only ten songs on the cd and I hate paying $12 for a cd with less than 12 songs but I really like Rodney so I was willing to this time :) And then Eric Church- artist attached the title of my blog. He is a great songwriter and definitely knows how to put meaning into his lyrics. Sinners like me applies to all of us as we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. I’ve included the lyrics below and the part that speaks to me the most I’ve bolded. I don’t know how many times a day I think something or say something and then seconds later that guilt flashes over me because I know it is not what God wants me to do/say/think, etc. It’s really hard to be the kind of person we all should be.

I was fifteen when my daddy’s old man
Caught me half way through my first beer
He laughed so hard when my face turned green
He said "You come from a long line of sinners like me"

Now me and my brother go to see him some times
But he don’t have much to say anymore
So we sit on his headstone with a fifth of Jack D.
Here’s to a long line of sinners like me
La de dah de dah
La de dah dah de de
I come from a long line of sinners like me

My mama had a soft spot for a hell raisin’ boy
So she had two more just like him
It takes an angel to raise a family
That comes from a long line of sinners like me

Well now maybe who knows one day I’ll settle down
Give my dad a grandson of his own
And when the doctor smacks him, he’ll probably take a swing
Cause he’ll come from a long line of sinners like me
La de dah de dah
La de dah dah de de
I come from a long line of sinners like me

On the day I die
I know where I’m gonna go
Me and Jesus got that part worked out
I’ll wait at the gates til his face I see
And stand in a long line of sinners like me
I’ll stand in a long line of sinners like me

La de dah de dah
La de dah dah de de
I come from a long line of sinners like me
La de dah de dah
La de dah dah de de
Here’s to a long line of sinners like me
I come from a long line of sinners like me

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