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meeting new friends

lindyjean's picture
on March 16, 2008 - 10:48pm

i live on the central coast of california. it's beautiful here, with the hills, oaks, vineyards and pacific ocean. we have good schools, little crime and traffic, and clean air. what we don't have is good shopping, and saddest of all, we don't have many grobies. i've been here since the Closer tour wrapped, and it was only last summer that i found another fan club member nearby--in fact, she lives just a couple of blocks from me. in order to feel part of a greater circle, we've gone to parties with the fans from the LA/Orange County area, but it's a long drive and we can't just hang out with them on a moments' notice. I did a member search, and sent PMs to the four other members i found within an hour of us. only one responded, and we'll be meeting her soon. the other gals, well, they never post, or seldom post, so unless they go to the boards, they'll never see that i've tried to reach them...or, they found it, but chose not to reply. one woman, however, has been contacted via a friend of a friend---it's a small town, so, connections are not that hard to make around town. we hope she will join us in our circle. i read all the posts so many of you have written, and know you have made great friends with other fans, and we'd like that chance, too. we adore the SoCal women, and hope we can get a big enough group up here so we won't feel so alone. i know there are many others in this boat, and i just want to say, i know how you feel.
coming home from the central valley once, my DOG and i were stopped in the middle of nowhere known as Kettleman City, and a van pulled up next to us in the parking lot of the only starbucks for 50 miles, i'm sure. out filed about 4 or 5 women, and on the side of the van was a magnetic sign that said, "pepe's women", and a rose, and the website address for Pepe Aguilar's fan club. He is a very popular hispanic singer, and he had just been performing at the same venue as we'd seen Josh at earlier in the year. they all sounded so giggly and happy, and i thought, i want to take a josh road trip with my grobie friends, and have a good time like these ladies were having. it may be possible, now that there are more than two of us up here. and if josh tours on the west coast next summer, i hope to follow him from venue to venue---at least a couple of them, anyway. i'll have the time off, and if i have some grobie sisters to share the gas and hotel rooms, well, there'll be no stopping me. a road trip with friends. sounds like a good idea. hope it comes to pass.

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