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on March 17, 2008 - 8:10am

I made it through the kids' spring break!!! Wow. It had snuck (is that a word???) up on my so fast. I guess 'cause it's so early here. It's so early that the Friday they got out of school, we had 4 inches of snow! Then the rest of the break we had 70+ degree weather, sunshine, and of course, storms. In fact, the morning after Atlanta was hit, a funnel cloud went over (apparently--I SLEPT THROUGH IT!!! my weather radio NEVER EVEN WENT OFF and the town sirens didn't either!!!). The tornado ended up touching down just a few miles from here...

Now I need a spring break! Where should I go??? Yeah right. With hubby jetting all over the planet for work, I am pretty well stuck here. One of these days Cinderelly will get to go to the ball!!! hahaha

Hmmmm...what else...ummmmm....I dunno...I've been reading so much lately that I haven't really had any adventures to report I guess I'm off to check on everyone else's!!!

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