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Fantastic day

laurel's picture
on March 18, 2008 - 11:09am

Even though I have a massive sore throat and am unable to talk [laryngitis]the day is so beautiful.The temp in +10 degrees centigrade and a light breeze.The birds are so beautiful and singing along with Josh's Mia Per Sempre.I hope you can find this song as it was released on his debut album but in Japan version only.It will make you weep I can not believe that voice comes from such a young man.I was viewing it on youtube.I don't know how to purchase a copy of the CD though.Comments on youtube were not helpful either.It appears to be a hard song to find.It rivals L'Utima Notte for tops in my book.But then whatever he is singing at the time seems to be my favorite.What a VOICE!!!!

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