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Crossed Fingers and more...

Cupid's picture
on March 18, 2008 - 9:14pm

Hello guys, well I Really hate to have to write this entry considering that my last one was so positive but I thought it was important. For those that haven't heard (and those that have) Patrick Swayze and Angelique's father are both really ill and they could use your extra help in whatever way possible. Essentially, they need your prayers, crossed fingers, anything would be helpful. I also really feel bad for Josh. I can Only imagine how upset and frustrated he must be having to re-schedule his South African trip. only takes one person to screw things up for everyone. Okay, so how about something just a little bit more positive? Who has started watching Dancing with the Stars? Of the guys, I like Steve Guttenberg. Probably because he's got such a great attitude. And I also like Cristian de la Fuente. Okay, since I have eyes I can see that Cristian's cute but he's also a good dancer. Before you respond to that comment watch the show first then tell me I'm wrong! LOL! Of the women, I like Marissa Jeret Winikur (from the Broadway show Hairspray). She's so full of life that's it's contagious! Now if she'll put that enthusiasm into her dancing she may do really well. And what can I say about Marlee Matlin? I find it Fabulous that she even has the guts to be on the show. Considering the fact that she can't even hear the music. BTW, if you are watching the show...who are you voting for? Have a great night!

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