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Easter Poem

laurel's picture
on March 19, 2008 - 11:29am

I have been very fortunate to inherit a book of unknown authors from my great grandmother.She brought over with her when she immigrated from England.It is a book of inspirational writings and I have found the most fitting and wonderful poem to share at Easter.I hope it inspires and reminds us of all that has been given.

"Once I heard a song of sweetness,
As it cleft the morning air,
Sounding in its blest completeness,
Like a tender,pleading prayer;
And I sought to find the singer,
Whence the wondrous song was borne;
And I found a bird,sore wounded,
Pinioned by a cruel thorn.

"I have seen a soul in sadness,
While its wings with pain were furl'd,
Giving hope,and cheer and gladness
That would bless a weeping world;
And I knew that life of sweetness,
Was a pain and sorrow borne;
And a stricken soul was singing,
With it's heart against a thorn.

Ye are told of One who loves you,
Of a Savior crucified;
Ye are told of nails that pinioned,
And a spear that pierced his side;
Ye are told of cruel scourging,
Of a Savior being scorn,
And he died for your salvation,
With his brow against a thorn.

"Ye 'are not above the Master'.
Will you breathe a sweet refrain?
And His grace will be sufficient,
When your heart is pierced with pain.
Will you live to bless His loved ones,
Tho' your life be bruised and torn,
Like the bird that sang so sweetly,
With it's heart against a thorn?"

-Author Unknown

This is taken from a book that is close to a hundred years old and all entries are written from unknowns.

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