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Lucy Lu Lu

Cobalt's picture
on March 19, 2008 - 2:26pm

Since my life is rather boring at the moment, I might as well talk about my new cat.

I might have mentioned before that we adopted a young cat named Lucy.. here are some more pictures. The person I know at the SPCA said that she might be part Himalayan and who they thought was her sister might have been her mommy due to what they saw when they were fixing her! She sure doesn't look Himalayan to me other then maybe the size of her coat and her little fluffy ears.. hmm. what do you think?

She was picked up by humane law so we don't know what her situation was before the SPCA.

I don't know. But she is cute! She kept biting on the flowers and things so we finally got her one of those "cat grasses" which is really oat grass I think so she can chew on that while we wait until we feel she's ready to go outside though she keeps slipping outside, she wants to go out so bad with the other cats. This morning I had to find her in the garage!
She is such a sweety and she's very playful. She brings a lot of joy in my life. I love her so much!

She is such a love. She is obsessed with feather toys, anything with a feather and she's in heaven, though she likes to pull them out.

She's one of three calicos we have to seem to form their own "calico club" - they sure like to be together!

She has blended in fine with the other 4 cats and the mini Schnauzer we have.




What do you think? Could she be?

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