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JOSHed in my regular life, all the time.

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on March 20, 2008 - 4:00am

one of the funniest messages, i ever got..."you must be the most JOSHed person on the planet!" i have gotten around him and his family pretty darn closely, more than i ever dreamed from the first sight of him, but i gotta tell you, it's how he is all around me in my regular life that takes my breath away too. especially, just when i feel he's slipping away, something happens, someone will talk to me about him, out of the blue, lots of different things. it's as if he's slipping his hand in mine and whispering, "i'm not gone. i'm right here in your heart."
i walked into my sister's apartment for the first time. she has not one, but two prints of van Gogh's "starry night" painting hanging up.
did i tell you...i'll never remember what i wrote already, the beauty of writing, you all can stop reading if you have read something before, i saw the real painting in NYC. it is in the MoMA. how i found that out and why rachel ray is so double-JOSHed to me, is a story too.
here is that story...
i was watching rachel ray's "tasty travels" show. she was running around manhattan. she talked about something, maybe the MoMA in general, while standing in front of a window with the "starry night" painting in the background. i knew i was going to NYC for the "AWAKE" debut, and i vowed to see that painting. on the last day of trip, i was the only one left in my room, i went to that museum. i found it and the painting, all by myself. i must've had my nyc look on good, because tourists asked ME for directions. the painting hangs in a big gallery room. there is its "twin" painting next to it. it's weird, nearly the same scene, but it's in opposite colors. where "starry night" is yellow, it's blue!
i walked up to painting. i couldn't believe it! i thought of aaall the feet that had stood on that spot of floor. i thought of all the eyes that had gazed upon it. i thought of josh, jolanda van Gogh, aaalll the grobanites. here's a question..."how big is it?" it's very small.
i am going to ask josh if he's seen it too! i keep on forgetting that. i always have had something else, that seems more pertinent at the moment, when i've talked to him.

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