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spring break, spring break, spring break!!!

lindyjean's picture
on March 20, 2008 - 11:44am

i see by the amazon website that the awake dvd is to be released on may, we wait another month. at least it'll be out in time for Mother's Day, so i'll have something for my kids to get me!!! the only perk we here can hope for is that the fan edition will have something special on it, or come earlier. maybe a complete song list, not just a select few. i just want NWIA on there, cuz it would be a pity to only get to hear it on the dvd. SO, i'm resigned to accept that it won't be here in a few weeks.
i get off work in two hours, then have ten days off for spring break. i don't think i got this excited about it when i was a kid and actually IN school. but now i work at a school, and as grown-ups, we appreciate that extra time off (with PAY!!!) all the more. so, i'm looking forward to this little break. used to be i'd be looking forward to sleeping in for that week, but i don't have to be here til 11:15 in teh morning, so, i sleep in every day anyhow....don't hate me!!! the weather is good, ten days off....not too shabby. just sorry i have to drive to LA on saturday. i'm happy to be going to my niece's bridal shower, happy to meeting up with val from gfc to donate some goodies for auction, happy to be meeting an old friend for dinner after the shower, but not happy about the gas prices. i live in a part of the state where it's always among the most expensive. right now, it's $3.65 for regular unleaded, at the cheap gas stations. at the name brand ones, near the freeway, the cheap grade is $3.75 and up. shameful, just shameful. so, my little day trip to LA is going to cost a lot more---and then, i go back down the saturday after that. but that's to a dodger game, so that's cool. it's going to be in the LA Coliseum rather than their home stadium, to celebrate 50 years. they had to use the coliseum when they first moved here from NY, so, it's one game only, and my youngest son is so jazzed, he can't stand it. someone was cleaning out their house, and found a 25th anniversary program and gave it to him, and he was thrilled. he's such a fan---so, we have to go to the game very early---HOURS early, so he can see all the extras, besides batting practice. it'll be a long day, but fun.
okay, that's all. gotta go back to work now...

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