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--signing my CJ

margie76's picture
on March 21, 2008 - 3:10am

have you had the chance to get josh to sign something? i hope all grobies do. my friends laugh at the stuff i've gotten him to sign. when you get something unique signed, it garnishes more convo from josh. what matters more? back and forth convo or his siggy? the CONVO! i'm telling you!
first of all my CJ! there is a pic, that was taken in paris by a photog you all know. josh is reaching right to me. how do i know right to me? i know where i was and where the photog was. one of my JOSHie sisters made me a little cj out of that pic. i had the cj on my desk at work.
where he signed it? i can't recall. i do remember it was outside, daylight. i handed josh my cj. i had the exact same convo with josh that i've had with EVERY single other person who's seen that cj, word for word. josh, "oh! that's interesting...and scary!" me, "nooo!" josh, "let's see...i would be looking at YOU, right?" me,"yeees! guess the venue? i'll give you a hint, not america." josh,"pfft! i've been all over the world!" me, "i know honey, paris!" josh, "you went aaall the way to paris just to see me?" me, "yeees! i wasn't the only american there,you talked to us all night long." i'm standing in this convo, not believing it is happening. josh,with a naughty grin on his face, "should i sign the front or the BACK side?" me,"i don't know honey! both sides are yummy!" josh,"haha! ok, i'll sign the front. that way when you see me reaching to you, you'll see my siggy too!" i'm so dying. he leaned over, signed it and whispered to me, "thanks!" that's it, i couldn't take one more word. back and forth killer convo. i didn't cry that time. i've only cried a couple times and not in front of him.

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