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Hope I Can Sleep Tonight!

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on March 21, 2008 - 7:03pm

I'm so excited I can barely stand it! Tomorrow A and I are going dancing. Not just casual dancing, either. It's going to be fancy! I have my fancy turquoise dress that I bought ($20! was $70!), and my sister's going to do my hair. She's going to curl it and pin it up randomly.

I had told A I bought a dress, and he asked what color, so I told him turquoise. Tonight he said he'd wear a black shirt, black pants, and a turquoise bow tie, and asked me if that sounded good. I asked if he should go for the cumber bun. He said, "Good grief! You want me in the tux? lol." Then he said, "I might be just marginally overdressed, but I'll do it. Tux, tails and turquoise." Then he said he wished he had a top hat. All along I figured he'd wear the turquoise bow tie and black pants and shirt. That's what he wore at his last dance party, and since the theme is belated St. Patrick's Day, we're supposed to wear green. But I love that he asked my opinion on what he'll be wearing, and that we'll match!

Haha, I was slightly concerned about the fact that I don't have a little sweater to wear. Then I realized he'd probably offer his tux jacket if I get chilly :)

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