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Easter Time!!

judymcdermott's picture
on March 22, 2008 - 4:43am

So we are almost done with Holy Week. Its been a LOOOONG WEEK!! Though the services are quiet and meditative, it makes for a long day if one has to work till five, come home to cats who demand food, and then head back out to Church. Maundy Thursday all Vestry were required to attend, which means me! Father washed our feet. It was quite moving to be there as there are Twelve Vestry and therefore we were symbolic of The Twelve Disciples. I'm just really worn out from all the to and fro. Its hard not to be!! Palm Sunday was my first time as a Lay Reader and even with thirty stage appearances under my belt, I was still shaking like a leaf!! I read again on Good Friday and that went a little better. It will take time and practice I suppose.
Whats hard is missing my family right now. All my relatives are in Ohio or Arizona, and that makes it difficult on a Holiday. I see them at Christmas, and thats it. Sometimes I get a little bitter, watching everyone go off with their families after Easter Sunday Services. I try not to begrudge them their happiness, but what fun is it coming home to... three cats??

Everyone have a lovely Easter. Josh... How I wish I could get a hug!!!

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