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Crazy household

laurel's picture
on March 23, 2008 - 12:41am

It 2:30 in the Am and my daughter and her friend are running around the house and chatting at the top of their lungs.They have just come in from a party and are in gab mode.My daughter has cut her toe and they are doctoring it up and haven't quit talking at all.The pets are now hiding and my husband has closed the bedroom door and I have had to turn Josh up to hear him.They are quite the girls [the last year of their teens already]!!It's so strange and a little sad to think that soon this won't be a normal occurrence.This is so familiar as for the past 15 years my house has been full of her and however many friends she brings home.It will be hard not to have these times in my life on a regular occurrence.I bet there has been over 60 kids in my home in the past years.They know they are welcome and that they do.They are so interesting and exciting and fun.I hope they all find their dreams and happiness.

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