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It seems like I have one problem after the next

vijaykumar's picture
on March 23, 2008 - 12:06pm

What do you do when someone from your family is graduating the same night as you and you can't be there? Normally you would try and get together afterword and go out and celebrate right? Well what if your school was going out after the graduation for a grad night thing but you didn't want to go because you just found out about your family member? Would you still go to grad night?

Last night I was talking with my cousin and I told her when I was graduating and she said she was graduating the same night. We made plans to get together and have a celebration with the whole family and I called my mom up and asked her if I could miss going to grad night and stay home and celebrate with my cousin. She said that I could do whatever I wanted.

I talked to my dad about it and he told me something about my cousin and said that I couldn't do anything over at her place or basically stay alone with her because he's afraid she might influence me into doing stuff I know I wouldn't do. He doesn't trust me.

He talked to my mom about everything today and NOW I HAVE to go to my grad night and plan the celebration thing a different day. I know my dad told my mom that secret and that's why she's changing her mind. It's not fair. What should I do?

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