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a beautiful and blinding morning

lindyjean's picture
on March 23, 2008 - 2:03pm

it's easter. a big day in the world of god. i'm not a practicing much-of-anything, so for me, it could be just another sunday. i grew up catholic, but left as soon as i was 18 and out of the house. it didn't sit well with me since i was 7, when the nuns told me to stop questioning the need to go to confession if god could hear me no matter what, no matter where. and why was it such a miracle that the heavy stone blocking the entrance to jesus' tomb was moved, when it had been moved to block it in the first place? my mother always called me "Doubting Thomas". Funny that years later, Nickel Creek would have a song with that title, and it's my very own anthem. i should have been born in Missouri....
but that's not what i wanted to talk about. i wanted to talk about goodness in the world. yeah, we all know about the bad stuff---the wars, the weather, the famine and man's inhumanity to man. what quasi-religion i do believe in revolves around being good to your neighbor, and doing what you can for others. i've seen my perception of God reflected in the names and faces of all the Grobanites who give and give and give of themselves to charity, and to each other here. i've seen the odd-but-why-should-it-be instances of young, tattooed men holding doors for wobbly old ladies, and people lined up at the Humane Society or in front of Petsmart, ready to adopt cats and dogs that might otherwise be euthanized. i've seen people with enough of everything, and many who don't, stand side by side in soup kitchens to feed those with nothing, or on construction sites in places like New Orleans, ready to serve those that need a helping hand. i choose to believe that God, in whatever form you perceive him or her to be, is more alive in these places, and in the hearts of these people, than any other place on earth. I like to believe that god lives in each one of us, even my crazy next-door-neighbor, who likes to call the cops on everyone else on the street, but she rescues animals, and so, i know this to be true of her, as well. so, today, i will spend some time in my own kind of prayer, wishing for all of you more love, more peace, and more joy in your life, wherever you find it. i will ask for guidance in how to be a better person, how i can serve as an example of goodness. there is a saying i love---"the smallest good deed is better than the greatest good intention." no good deed is small---it matters to someone, and might mean more than you'll ever know. don't worry if you can't personally pull off the occasional miracle. that's not in your job description. be happy in doing small things, BECAUSE IT MATTERS. whatever else you can accomplish is gravy.
to quote Mark and Brian, those sages of FM morning radio, "be good humans". peace.

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