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yay its tuesday once step closer to the weekend...

vijaykumar's picture
on March 25, 2008 - 1:09pm

Oh man I'm dying to have the AWAKE dvd NOW...Now that I can hear some of it....its making it harder! Anyway today has been a great day and listening to Josh has helped to make it even better! It was so amazing today...I was at work and over the dull droning of my co-worker I heard You Are Loved and I'm like ok now dude its soooo time to shutup Josh is that sure made my day really really good. That and I was able to hang out with my boyfriend for awhile before I had to head to class which is really nice. I missed seeing him. Even though its been a good day I'm thinking that I'm beginning to get a cold cause my nose won't stop running and I have a sore throat I dunno...and yes I'm still waiting for my welcome package to arrive and thats killing me even more...I WANT IT NOW. I'm soooo not a patient person as you might be able to tell hehehe. Well my Josh buddies I must be going...I must go learn some Espanol!!!! Hope everyone is well!!!!!! Lots of Grobie hugs to all!

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