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Spring and stuff......

vijaykumar's picture
on March 25, 2008 - 6:40pm

I cannot wait for the weather to......oh, I don't know.... maybe straighten out??? We've had some whacky weather this last month: from a blizzard, to days of unending rain, to days of sunshine and birds singing, to days of howling winds!! I just can't figure it out. I normally LOVE spring, but this is just ridiculous!!

I find myself in the same "low" again missing my daughter. She's been home two times in the last month and we've had such fun, but it goes way too fast and she has to get back to school. When she leaves I have to "get used to" her being gone again. It's a never-ending cycle!! She sent me an e-mail with a link to Michael Buble's song/video of "Home" and said it was how she felt. I had tears in my eyes because she wants to spend time at home too. Oh well, I guess we're just two sappy girls at heart, but bonded forever!!! We go through our moments of wanting to spend all our time together, and then we'll get into a mood of "okay, we've had enough together time and need to get away from each other." It's just who we are....mother/daughter bonded!!

Guess I'd better go see if my cat is behaving himself. He's been getting into fights with another cat lately and he just can't leave well enough alone. I think he's just defending his "territory."

Sleep well Grobies......

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