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i feel lucky

lindyjean's picture
on March 27, 2008 - 8:14pm

so, wyatt announced a new contest to win tickets to see josh in NYC at a very small venue (1200 seats) being filmed for a PBS special. they have a small amount of tickets to give away, and i dunno, i just feel like one of them has my name on it. i feel like i did when i entered the BSP contest last year at this time---kind of buzzy. i already went on travelocity to price out airline tickets, and asked HOG for it as my b-day and mom's day present. with the kids chipping in instead of buying me presents, that'd take care of that. don't know where i'd stay, but my DOG, who loves to research such things, would find me something. i just need to win the contest.....i'm hoping it's just a drawing, since there's no time to submit entries and make decisions about who has the best this-or-that. just pick names. DQ the ones who got the XM tickets, so opportunity can be spread around. please, wyatt, just post the rules tomorrow, cuz i'll be gone all day saturday, and can't be by the computer to check on things. i'm sure it's going to come down to time, and who can get their entry in the soonest.
i sent off the postcard today to try to win the "closer" fan club edition CD. it says no purchase necessary, but i don't have a "unique code" to include on my postcard, so i hope that doesn't eliminate me. i'm really going thru josh withdrawals, i guess....and i can't go to london, and wasn't thinking i could go to NYC, but for a free show, i'll take the time off and get the HOG and KOGs to foot the bill....

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