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That's a week of my life that I'll never get back!

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on March 28, 2008 - 1:00am

Family is a funny thing. Especially when it's not your family. And I don't mean funny--haha. I mean funny--strange, or in this case rude.

We spent several days with members of my husband's family over Easter. I didn't want to stay at their house, but they insisted we not 'waste our money on a hotel.' Why don't I listen to my gut instincts, that are NEVER WRONG?????

By Monday, things were extremely tense, and they had basically stopped speaking to us. Who does that to guests in your matter how angry you may be at them? I certainly wouldn't, but then that's me. I would do my best to 'make the best of it' knowing it would all be over soon. But not them.

Apparently one of them was angry because I was 'rude' to his wife. Honestly, maybe I was a bit rude at one point on Saturday evening, but it certainly was not intentional.

And anyway, 'he' was 'rude' to me almost from the moment we walked in the door. It seemed anything I said, thought or did, he had a snide or rude or nasty comment about. And I didn't say anything. I did my best to ignore it because I promised Sam I would 'play nice.' I let several things go until he finally made a personal attack on something I do unconsciously. Then I still didn't say anything, but I did withdraw and reduced my amount of interaction with them. And perhaps later that night I was a bit short with his wife after the third time she asked me the same question in less than 10 minutes.

Long story short...I think I'm done 'visiting' my in-laws for awhile. If Sam ever wants to go, I'll happily buy him a bus ticket, and wave bye-bye and say have fun. I don't know how soon he'll want to visit them either though. They were downright rude to him too by the end of our visit, and Sam was pretty angry when I enlightened him as to how rude 'he' was to me the whole time we were there. Oh and on a side note...why are husbands oblivious to the way their family acts toward their wives? I guess they just don't see what's 'normal' behavior for their family as anything other than...well...normal.

Now you understand the title of this little blurb. That truly is a week of my life that I'll never get back....although if I could have it back, I would stay in a hotel. ;)

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