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What a Week!

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on March 28, 2008 - 3:43pm

I haven't written because it's hard to summarize what's been going on. A said he has no feelings for me, but what he said in the car Sat. night does apply. After emailing a response, he imed me and talked to me more, than called me when he had to get off the computer. On the phone he talked about life plans, marriage, number of children, and then he asked my thoughts on carrying a weapon. He plans to buy a gun "to protect us," but he's "not sure what'll happen when the children come." I was in shock that he was discussing all this in the same conversation in which he stated he doesn't want his friendships to get "too emotionally involved." It seemed a contradiction. Thus I didn't say much, and let him do all the talking.

I'm no longer going to dance with him. Knowing how that makes me feel, it would be just wrong.

This Sunday I'm taking him to his birthday lunch, and two of his other friends are coming as well. He called today and left a message saying he had talked to one friend and he could come. I don't see why he felt the need to tell me at all, but I also wonder why he didn't email the info? I called back to see if he wanted to go to a poetry reading. A friend of mine, whose poems I'd encouraged him to read, would be reading. He couldn't go, but he was super nice on the phone. I said there would be people going that I didn't know, and he said that with my knack for making friends, he didn't think that would be a problem. He was just very upbeat. And I was surprised he answered the phone, when I found out he what he was doing. I'm trying not to read in to things, but things seem odd to me.

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